Real Estate Access, Exposure, and Diversification.
Across Your Book of Business.

Real estate access, exposure, and diversification.
Across your book of business.

Let’s talk portfolios: alternatives matter.

Broadstone sponsors privately offered real estate investment offerings for Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) and their clients seeking real estate access and portfolio diversification with reduced correlation and volatility as compared with the broader public equity markets. Broadstone’s offerings feature ongoing distributions, simple tax reporting, and are distributed on a non-commission basis.

Why do you need real estate in your portfolio?

Investors seek to generate investment performance in their portfolios by balancing their risk for total return. While equity and bond markets can provide a solid base for a portfolio, alternative asset classes such as real estate have potential to add valuable portfolio characteristics such as reduced market correlation, overall risk reduction, and increased portfolio diversification.

The addition of appropriate allocations to real estate has the potential of achieving:

  • Increased generation of income from cash flowing assets
  • Ownership of hard assets with lower price volatility
  • Opportunity for capital appreciation
  • Portfolio diversification

We’re here to help—reach out to a member of the Investor Relations team to learn more about how Broadstone’s investment offerings could benefit client portfolios.

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