Broadstone Real Estate Access Fund Announces Q1 2019 Shareholder Distribution

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Broadstone Real Estate Access Fund (“BDREX”), a continuously offered, closed-end interval fund, registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940, today announced a quarterly distribution of $0.15 per share for Class I and $.1435 for Class W. This equates to annualized distribution[1] rates of 5.73% and 5.48%, for the Class I and Class W shares, respectively.  Continue reading


Is Your Portfolio Truly Diversified?

Diversified Portfolio

Investing 101 teaches us that portfolios should include a variety of diverse assets in order to help protect from downside risk and lower volatility. Frequently, investors are instructed to include a mix of US equities, foreign equities (both emerging and developed markets), investment grade bonds, and high yield bonds in their portfolios. However, the effectiveness of this diversification strategy varies, depending on the correlation among constituent assets.
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